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Experts in Cloud Computing, SaaS, Virtualization, VDI, Security, Disaster Recovery Planning, Remote Access, IT design, Citrix, VMware, and Green Computing!

PowerIron Technologies has helped clients understand how Cloud Computing can improve the efficiency, manageability, availability, and reduce the costs of their IT infrastructure investment. Our expertise is the result of over two decades of experience, 100's of global customers with 1000's of farms serving millions of daily sessions.

Optimize your infrastructure with virtualization. From data center to lab, virtualization consolidates servers, optimizes the software lifecycle, and provides business continuity via virtual machine, virtual server, virtual applications, and virtual pc solutions.

Learn How you can deploy Citrix on a iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Smartphone Today!

Cloud Computing or what was called Virtualization in the past, is a means of maximizing the utilization of expensive computing resources by grouping multiple resource requests in a secure structured way. With the improvements in communications technologies such as wireless broadband, we now have adequate access to bandwidth almost anywhere we would like to work. Because our work habits are no longer limited to the walls of the office environment, the value (and high cost) of having the computing resources close to the user is no longer a successful argument. Cloud Computing provides a means to host your computing resources in a shared computing facility with or without managed services so that you have better reliability and performance, while reducing your IT costs and continue having secure access to your data anywhere/anytime.

Server Virtualization technology improves the scalability, portability, and availability of application servers. Application Virtualization (Server-based Computing) gives customers greater management of applications deployed through centralized servers, providing better control, manageability, and cost-effectiveness.

There are three major forms of Cloud Computing or Virtualization:

  1. Hardware Virtualization
  2. Application Virtualization
  3. Storage Virtualization

There is a complex matrix of technologies and options available in today's technical world, Cloud Computing helps you remove technology limitations in your ability to provide creative work environments for you and your staff. Don't Be Pushed by Your Problems; Be Led by Your Dreams!

PowerIron Technologies is a leader in this space and is skilled in understanding your business and how you wish to operate. Based on those requirements we create a solution that works for you. It is far too common to find a business limited by its technological capability or a business that has to modify its operational processes to match the technology which can be utilized.

Our 1st step is always to understand your business and its operational process, and then to create a solution that supports or enhances those operational processes. To this goal, we put together a team of business analysis, project management and technical staff that start every project with an operational review/requirements gathering phase. We have to understand your business and the way you do business 1st, before we can be a value-added partner to you and your business.

PowerIron Technologies consultants have the Cloud Computing or Virtualization Certifications and experience to assess your systems, applications, and storage needs. They then employ proven solutions to successfully deploy the Cloud Computing or Virtualization technologies, exactly right for your business.

  • Review/Recommendation for Server Virtualization
  • Review/Recommendation for Application Virtualization
  • Review/Recommendation for VDI - Desktop Virtualization
  • Review/Recommendation for Server/Storage Consolidation
  • Review/Recommendation for Compliancy of Virtualization Environments
  • Remote Management and Hosting
  • Upgrades and Changes
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